Canadian Teen Authors Project/Contest

Canadian Teen Authors Project/Contest
is a Creative Outlet for Canadian Teens (13 to 19)

As we believe in aspiring Canadian teen authors (age 13 to 19 inclusive) we are calling all Poets, Writers and Illustrators to submit their work (as many pieces as you wish) to be displayed on, to be selected (by public vote) and published in February 2018 in Canadian Teen Authors Anthology.
- Rhyming Poems
- Free Verse
- Song Lyrics
- Flash Fiction
- Fan Fiction
- Original
- Fan
- Graphic Illustrations
- Hand-drawn Illustrations
- Book Cover Art

About US

This project was created by Ideas With Ink (Canadian Teen Author, who has two books out “Time Capsule” and “nothing by nobody”)


You can submit via form SUBMIT on our website or via e-mail to


  1. How do I submit and what format?
    You can submit you work in Word, JPEG, and PDF format through Submit button on our web site or by e-mail to
    Kindly do not submit same work multiple times. Make sure that you submit your final work and you are happy with it. We will not be able to make any changes after it is published on our site. It takes up to a week for your work to appear on our site if it adheres to our Rules.
  2. What can I submit? How many pieces?
    You can submit as many pieces of Prose, Poetry or illustrations as you wish.
    When you see your work on our site you can vote for it, as well as for the work of other teens, share it and ask you friends and family to vote. Each piece will have it is own page and you will get an e-mail with the link when it is published.
  3. What is Vote for Anthology means?
    When the vote for any piece of work in the Catalogue reaches 100 it is duplicated to the Anthology Vote section and becomes a contender for the Anthology.
    We are planning to have two Anthologies (about 200 pages each) for Prose and poetry. Both books will have the Art from the Contest participants.
    The exact number of poems and stories that will be published in the Anthologies will be determined by February 1st 2018 with the publishing scheduled for the end of February 2018.
  4. How do I get the Anthology?
    We will notify all the published authors and request your mailing address for your FREE copy to be mailed to you. We will also send all the contestants the information about the book and where it is available..
    Your family and friends will be able to purchase additional books on our site at cost plus the shipping.