Canadian Teen Authors Project/Contest

The Rules and Regulations

Canadian Teen Authors Project/Contest is a CREATIVE Outlet for CANADIAN Teens (13 to 19).

As we believe in aspiring Canadian teen authors (age 13 to 19 inclusive) we are calling all Poets, Writers and Illustrators to submit their work (as many pieces as you wish) to be displayed on, to be selected (by public vote) and published in February 2018 in Canadian Teen Authors Anthology.

  1. Eligibility: Canadian: Citizens, Permanent Residents, students on valid study permit in Canada, Middle, High School, Home Schooled, University, College students or anybody age 13-19 inclusive.
  2. How to SUBMIT (no fee) at or through SUBMIT section on the website.
  3. Submission Period: now until January 15, 2018.
    The contest closes January 15th, 2018. Entries marked later than that will not be considered for 2017 Anthologies, but will be published on the website, if adhering to the content Rules.
  4. File Format: Word, PDF, JPEG, PNG one file per piece.
    Include your name or pseudonym the way you want it to appear on the website and in the Anthology.
    Include you grade/age, the method of contact (e-mail), your school, city/town, and province on each piece. THEY WILL NOT BE PUBLISHED on the website or in the Anthology for the Privacy Reasons.
    The complete fillable Form can be downloaded HERE or use SUBMIT section to upload files.
  5. You can SUBMIT work in English or French, also in Spanish or Russian (if submitting in those languages, please, include the translation into English or French).
  6. All published authors will receive FREE (complimentary) copy of the Canadian Teen Poets 2017 Anthology and/or Canadian Teen Prose 2017 Anthology
  7. There is not entry fee.
  8. The entries for the Anthologies will be selected by the voting process.
    When the vote for any piece of work in the Catalogue reaches 100, it is duplicated to the Anthology Vote section and becomes a contender for the Anthology. You can share your work and ask people to vote for it. You can also vote for the other work on the website.
  9. We are planning to have two Anthologies (about 250 pages each) for prose and poetry. Both books will have the Art from the Contest participants.
    The exact number of poems and stories that will be published in the Anthologies will be determined by February 1st, 2018 with the publishing scheduled for the end of February 2018.
    We will notify all the selected authors and will also send them the Anthology where their work is published.
    Your family and friends will be able to purchase additional books on our site at cost plus the shipping.
  10. The voting process outlined in the Rules will determine the pieces for the publication, and thus one author can have more than one piece published.
  11. All entries must be original, unpublished, except the personal blog or social media, no plagiarized items, please.
  12. The Categories are:
    – Rhyming Poems
    – Free Verse
    – Song Lyrics
    – Flash Fiction
    – Fan Fiction
    – Original
    – Fan
    – Graphic Illustrations
    – Hand-drawn Illustrations
    – Book Cover Art
  13. The authors retain their copyright, but first-print rights are granted to Canadian Teen Authors and 101 Panya Publishing for the Anthologies. We do not own the rights to your intellectual property as we only provide the platform for your creative work to be seen.
  14. We will not publish hate-related, discriminatory, derogatory materials or any material that violates human rights and moral or criminal code.
  15. Due to the volume of submissions, we will not be able to respond to every inquiry.
  16. All submissions must be sent via e-mail or through Submit section on our website. No snail mail, please.
  17. As the contest for minors, the parents/guardians need to be aware of the participation. If a parent/guardian does not want their child’s work to appear on our website they should let us know via e-mail.
  18. Created by Ideas With Ink and run by 101 Panya Publishing ©. Generously supported by and Jain family.
  19. Rules are subject to change.
  20. We also cannot be responsible if your work is lost due to the technical difficulties. Kindly resubmit.